Migrate Wordpress easy install to advanced



I want to load new themes and plugins into my wordpress isntallation but as it was an easy install I can’t :o(

Is there a migration path to move it to from the easy installation to an advanced one?

My wordpress installation is installed at birdcam.mission74.com and I’d like to retain this as its location.

Anyone got a step by step guide?


There is a pretty good guide of what’s involved, and several “step by step” examples over on the WordPress Codex in the article about “Moving WordPress”.

Essentially, what you are doing is the equivalent of section 3 on that page - you are exporting the contents of your blog from an existing installation and importing it into a new one. Granted the process is eased a bit for you if you use the “Advanced one-click” installer DreamHost provides to create your new blog/database (into which you will be “importing” the content you “exported” from your existing “Easy one click” created blog).