Migrate to Office 365

We are migrating to Office 365 for email and want to leave our website hosted at Dreamhost. The options under moving from Fully hosted to DNS Only has the comment. “DNS Only (Use DreamHost’s DNS servers, but host the site elsewhere.)”

We are using DreamHost’s DNS servers but want to keep our website hosted at Dreamhost. We only want to move our mail and add entries for mail and Lync to our DNS records.

We have a SSL certificate for our domain and have everything on the website working and do not want to break it (again) :slight_smile:

When I switch from fully hosted to DNS only what should our DNS records look like to keep our website up and functioning on Dreamhost servers.

In order to host a web site at DreamHost, you need the “Fully Hosted” option. That is how the DreamHost web servers know there is a web site to host!

From the “Manage Domains” panel, click on the “DNS” link for the domain in question instead of trying to “Edit” it.

Thanks, that makes sense now that you typed it. :slight_smile:
I was able to add the records needed to migrate my mail. Just waiting for DNS replication now.

I was a little gun-shy after blowing up my DNS yesterday.



You can add the CNAME and TXT records that office 365 wants via the DNS link that Atropos7 guided you too.

It sounds like you discovered that to change your MX record you need to go here: https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=mail.mx&