Migrate to integrated Piwik statistics

Please replace the not working very well* Analog statistics with integrated Piwik statistics without needing us to run our own installations. Bonus points if you can integrate it with the Dreamhost panel.

Instead of adding more javascript to client machines; we can generate Piwik data from the apache logs.
Great statistics with customers needing to install and maintain less items themselves.
Dreamhost adds their support behind a great free software analytics engine.

HowTo: http://piwik.org/log-analytics/
There is even a section titled: Use Case: Log File Analytics with Piwik for a Web Hosting Company

Check out the Piwik demo: http://demo.piwik.org/

*Counting the ways Analog is bad:

  • It’s unmaintained
  • It had to be disabled because it was affecting performance
  • For me, the majority of hits come from an Internal Apache process (making summaries useless without additional math)

It’s easy to install it yourself.

I have it installed myself. I still think it would be better to replace Analog with Piwik for all users. It would also be one less thing I have to do when setting up a new site.

I’ll be happy to look into that - if it’s trivial to set up as an alternative to Analog we should be able to do it, my main concern is with additional server overhead (or having to write services to manage the stats analysis - we’ve already had to deal with issues from Analog impacting server stability when most users never access their site statistics in the first place). It may be that the best solution is just having this run by those interested enough to install it.

Thanks for looking into Piwik! I was hoping that eventually Piwik could replace Analog completely.

For me, I don’t use the Analog stats because Analog is providing bad data. If Analog provided better stats I would use it, but since it’s unmaintained I’m suggesting Piwik. I’m thinking the low use is because of how bad Analog’s statistics are.

As an example my browser statistics: Browser page: http://bryanquigley.com/?attachment_id=1735

Oh so this has already been implemented as a One-Click install here:


along with OWA as an alternative. I apologize that I wasn’t already aware of this (it’s been a while since I was directly involved in the support side of things). While I will see if we plan to replace Analog at some point as the default I am guessing that will be down the road a bit as we have easy-to-use alternatives already available (so the priority is going to be a bit low most likely).