Migrate sites/domains from PS to shared

I have one site on the PS, it takes plenty of memory on it’s own and I want to experiment with NGNIX. I would like to move the random sub-sites that we have to the shared server. However, I can only find a single post from 2008(!) saying that this requires filing a tech support request.

I also dug through the tutorial and wiki, the only thing I can find is how to move from the shared to VPS, not VPS to shared.

I just wanted to make sure this is still the case before I bug tech support.

-Zach Lym

You can move individual domains through the DreamHost Panel — under Domains -> Manage Domains, hit the “edit” button for a domain, and it’ll let you move the domain to another user on your account. You’ll need to have a user set up on shared hosting to move it to first; you should be able to create one from the Panel (under Users -> Manage Users) if needed.

I tried that, but the server is hard-coded as ps46447, no dropdown. This is in both the “edit hosting” panel’s new user shortcut and the dedicated new user panel.