Migrate Shared sites to DreamCompute

I’ve had a lot of practice setting up DC instances, communicating among them, and auto-configuring with Ansible roles.

Now I want to migrate a managed domain to DC. I can’t find notes on how to do this. For DNS, I can create an “A” record for a new subdomain that goes to the IP of my DC instance. But I believe that in order to point the primary domain to DC, I need to delete the site from my list of fully hosted domains. That’s scary!

The IP address to the shared space can’t be edited. One way to get at this might be to find/edit a Zone record - I don’t think that’s allowed. Another option might be to try to remove existing DNS records with the DNS API, (like ‘ssh’, ‘ftp’ and ‘www’) and then to replace the only ones that I want, which are ssh and the primary domain itself.

If this is just like migrating to VPS, then I’ll look closer at those docs, but I’m thinking it’s not.


Hi Starbuck,

Thank you for contacting us for help!

We do not offer a way to migrate sites from a shared server over to DreamCompute since we dont know how you set it up, it’s a manual process. You will need to manually set up a server, configure it and then copy the data over manually. You can find more info in our knowledge base here https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/234961387-Getting-started-with-DreamCompute

Matt C

Um, that’s not the problem I described.
I’m talking about the domain and DNS changes, not data.

  1. Do we completely remove a domain and subdomains from the Manage Domains page, and then recreate all of the DNS records?

  2. In shared space the Zone file includes MX, and a few A records that I’d like to leave the same (like the mySQL subdomain), and TXT records (SSH/RSA key) that certainly need to be changed. I don’t know what we can preserve and what needs to be set elsewhere.

  3. If we do remove a domain from Managed Domains, do the email configs get lost?

  4. Assuming the domain needs to be removed from Managed Domains, where do I maintain all of these details? I register my domains with GoDaddy and host them all with DH. Where and how do we edit DNS records for DreamCompute instances? I believe we need to use the NS1-3 name servers for DH resources. Is that not correct for DC servers?

If you have not already done so, please contact our support team here https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.msg& and a DHC specialist will be able to assist you further.

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