Migrate from Self Installed to One Click Gallery 2



I want to take advantage of the ease of updating Gallery2 with the new One Click instal procedure. However, I am at a loss as to how to move my existing self installed Gallery 2. Is there a guide anywhere?



You can set up a new one-click instialltion of G2 and then import your existing albums into your new installation. I did that with an older version of Gallery and it worked great. I also ran the version updater recently, without problems.

Just make sure you follow the installation instructions carefully (it’s all browser-based now).


artgeek - Thanks for the reply. It is good to know there is a way to do this. This may sound like a stupid questions, but how do you import existing albums? The only import option I saw in G2 was for .zip file import. Maybe I am missing the obvious.



Are you upgrading from 1.5x? When you run the installation of G2, one of the things it will ask you is where your existing albums are and if you want to import them. You can point to your old albums. It will copy them (G2 places the albums below the web-root for security) to the new location and you can later delete the older versions. hope that makes sense.


This probably explains it better :wink:


I am migrating from G2.0.1 to G2.0.2.

I just noticed DH added G2.0.3 to the one click installs, so I can upgrade my new install to that soon.