Migrate emails from cyrus to dreamhost?

My old email server uses cyrus. So I have all the emails in /var/spool/imap/user. I’m not able to find any information about migrating cyrus in the wiki.

I wish to move all emails from my old server to dreamhost, I wish to call all the read/unread flags. And that’s ok to not migrate passwords.

How should I proceed?


Cyrus is just another imap server.

I searched on imap import. Did you find this article in the wiki?


This article does assume you know soemthing about unix.


thanks for the reply.

I don’t see anything useful for my case. All the emails are stored in /var/spool/imap/user.

I’m not a big unix expert…

OK, if you follow my instructions and lose your mail, you must hold me harmless.

I just took 5 minutes to throw up a page (scripts found on source forge, I added configuring the server names).

If you are in love with your passwords, change them before entering them in this page. The connection is not encrypted. Change them again afterwards!

Fill in the six blanks, and select appropriate options. Do not remove files from the original server until you know your files have moved. Click on “Write Script”.

You can find the migration tool here.

Let me know what happens. Note: I have never run this script.

Note to future readers of the archives: I may remove this script at any time.


I took another look at this stuff. Until you let me know otherwise, I am taking the page down.

When you click on “write script”, it will create a script in my files. This script will contain your server names, logins, and passwords. I would then have to run the script.

If you choose to trust me, I will run the script for you, and then delete it.

Otherwise, you may wish to install this setup on your web server (really not very difficult, even if you do not know much unix).