Migrate email from dreamhost webmail/POP to Google Hosted Apps (Dreamhost)

Is there a way to get your email into a Google Apps account hosted on the same domain?

I see the problem would be that you can’t import your POP email into Google Apps because the Dreamhost POP accounts would be deleted when you turn on Google Apps.

POP mail doesn’t store mail on the server by default unless you set your client to leave it there. See what’s on the server by using the webmail interface. And if all of your mail is still there, then you have half a chance.

Or if you’re good with an IMAP mail client, you can use its Synchronize Accounts feature to push your mail back onto the new server.

I’d have to know that the mail is still stored on Dreamhost after switchin on Google Apps Email though.

How 'bout that…the wiki (which I just now looked at) talks about this:

And when it talks about “mail server address,” that’s the Mail Server name that shows up in Account Status in the panel here. You’re better off just getting the IP address out of your current DNS records, as that “mail server address” returns an internal IP address for me. Maybe someone else has tracked this down before, but the IP address (“A” record) for “mail” in your DNS will definitely work.