Microsoft frontpage

Would like to find out if anyone is using Microsoft front page. If how is the support for this product?
Am having difficulties with my current webhosting company and looking for a new one.


Larry Barnes

Do you talk about frontpage extensions or frontpage as an html editor ?

PS : By the way, this old product have been replaced by Microsoft expression

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Searching these forums will provide some threads about FrontPage on Dreamhost. Used as an HTML editor it “is what it is”, but the extensions (for *nix in particular) are as “problematic” to good web development as they are on any *nix based host. :wink:

Micro$oft has abandoned them, there will be no updated *nix extensions, and you can’t even download the latest patches from Micro$oft anymore; it seems their “day” has passed.

Google has a lot of information on the demise of FrontPage as a platform, but that really does not answer your question.

DreamHost, for the moment at least, does allow you to have FrontPage extensions installed on your domain (at the expense of standard *nix facility), but I don’t know how much longer that could be the case given MS’s stance with FrontPage on *nix.

Reading on the DreamHost Wiki about FrontPage support might help you get a feel for it here. Years and years ago, when I was just learning, I hosted several sites here where the users used FrontPage as an editor - but I continued to use standard CGI programming in the *nix environment, and did not install the extensions - it just wasn’t worth the loss of greater functionality to gain the use of Micro$oft’s rather primitive, and proprietary, “extensions” (and/or what I perceive to be certain security risks).

I guess my feeling is, FrontPage extensions are likely to work as well, or as poorly, here as on any other *nix based host - note that “subwebs” have been reported to not work properly with the extensions DreamHost has installed, and they don’t plan to try to remedy that. :wink:

I know you have heard it before, and at the risk of just irritating you (but in the interests of helping you) it really is time to abandon that technology, particularly in light of the fact that Micro$oft has abandoned it. :wink:

(off to put on my flame-retardant trousers now … )

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