Microsoft Email - Diabolical (eg receiving DH cron emails)

Is it just me or is Microsoft out of control?

Here’s one example that has taken me hours and hours to find a solution (really a work-around) for.

I have a DreamHost shared server account which I use for backing up and testing. (All really easy thanks DH!)

Lo and behold though, when you set your cron job to email you at something like (or any other derivations I imagine), they just get bounced.

Just trying to add my dreamhost email address as a Safe Sender took hours and, as you can see here, it still doesn’t work.

I ended up having to use an email address on my own email server to actually have the cron email forwarded to me at my Outlook email.

There’s a lot of other stuff I could write on how much time Microshaft has cost me just in the last two months. I get no “real” work done. (God knows how much trouble they cause organisations like DH).

Am I crazy or is it diabolical?

I don’t know :slight_smile: In my experience, delivering email is crazy-making: email servers, especially the big ones like seem to be quite restrictive by default. Your approach of sending cron-generated emails to your own servers is what I would have done too :slight_smile:

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