Microsoft Access / ODBC issues - help!

We are having trouble connecting to our MySQL database via ODBC.

I set up a table link in Microsoft Access to our DreamHost MySQL database via MyODBC 3.51. After closing and re-opening Access, I get a connection error when trying to open the linked table. Between closing and re-opening Access, I did not change the MyODBC configuration.

If I delete the link and reestablish it, then I’m able to connect (at least until I close and re-start Access). So it appears that something takes place upon closing Access which invalidates my connection (although the MyODBC configuration settings are unchanged).

Interestingly, when other people in my office have this problem, I simply re-enter their password in the MyODBC configuration and they are able to connect again (until they close and re-open Access). They do not have to delete the link and reestablish it, as I do. By the way, these people appear to be using a slightly older version of the MyODBC driver.

Any ideas?