MICO upgrade



Hi. I’m the developer of MICO (in the one click install system).

There is a bug with the current version of MICO that is available through DreamHost, which I have fixed over 6 months ago. When I fixed the bug, I submitted the newer version in the 1CI area, and have heard next to nothing since.

I opened a support ticket a month later, and got a “we’ll get on that shortly” response, and then the ticket was closed. After 2 months more, I opened another ticket and got a “Oh, sorry, we’ll get right on it, and you’ll get a reply soon” in response. Almost 3 months after that ticket, I’ve still got no response, and the upgrade still hasn’t been approved.

I’ve sent another support email, but I thought I would ask on the forums, too. So what’s the deal? It’s been 6 months, and I’m getting support emails from users who are confused about the bug. I can’t tell them anything other than “Dreamhost haven’t approved the upgrade yet, maybe you can upgrade manually”

So anyway - here’s hoping for a response.


After another thrilling lack of response, I’ve sent another support email (and now I’m bumping this thread - you know… just in case…)

Seriously guys, it’s been 7 months.


Wow, I’ll bump this for you too. Any news?


The version of MICO currently available in the One-Click Installer is 0.13.5b, which is also the most recent version available from the developer’s web site.


I saw that too after posting my response. Was wondering if he was talking about some patch. Guessing not.