A college has a PowerPoint presentation that he wanted to put up on our website. PowerPoint gives a save as Web Page (HTML) option as well as a save as Web Archive (MHTML). The MHTML option works better with IE when viewed local, but doesn’t work when I copied it out to our web site. Web Archive is very lightly documented in PowerPoint. What is it and can I make it work at Dreamhost?

In the past, I got good results with PowerPoint presentations as web sites if I used the presentation software in StarOffice to save to HTML. Maybe I’ll have to try that again.

Does it work in any other browser, like Mozilla? I’m not really familiar with it, but it may be a proprietary, nonstandard format, in which case it’s not a good idea to use on the Web.

– Dan

The MHTML I have doesn’t work with Mozilla or Netscape, just IE:
I guess this stuff is none as Mime HTML.

I got pretty good results with StarOffice 5.2 on Solaris, adjustable frames and navigation buttons that all browsers can use:

You’re serving it as MIME type text/plain, so the only standards-compliant thing a browser ought to do with it is to display it as raw code, which is in fact what Mozilla does.

You should avoid proprietary browser-specific stuff on the Web, and you should serve everything with the appropriate MIME type.

– Dan