I’ve noticed something strange the last two days looking at the stats for my web site. Both yesterday and today there were over 5000 page hits from a single user (normally I get 1-200 page hits per day). The host reports gives the address of the visitor as The browser used is listed as MFC_Tear_Sample.
Google searches on both turned up info that MFC_Tear_Sample is some sort of microsoft-based webbot and I could find no info on other than a couple of links to pages that seemed to be in Chinese that mentioned that particular address.
Yesterday all of the hits were on one particular image and today they were also all to one image, although today’s image was different from yesterday’s. Neither image is particularly interesting or nor are they pornographic.
In about 18 months of daily checking on my web hits, I haven’t ever seen anything quite like this. I’d like to know whether this is anything I should be worried about and, if so, if there is anything I can do to protect my site. It’s hard to see how it might be malicious, but it’s also hard to imagine why someone would engineer something so complicated and seemmingly pointless. Also, I’m just curious as to why someone might want to write a program to download thousands of copies of a single image.
Any advice or input would be much appreciated. I’m not the most web-knowledgable person, so I hope that this isn’t a silly and obvious question.