Hello again.
I was looking of a way to add headers to the files, like images.
I checked this blog on how to do it using Amazon S3:

Looks like they have on their panel to do it. I tried using CyberDuck and doesn’t work. Tried CrossFTP and just get access denied error.
Any idea on how to edit the metadata to add expires headers and so?



We have some directions on how to do this with Java Swift:

What are you looking to do with the expires data?


DreamObjects does not support all the same headers that S3 does. One of those we don’t support is the expiration header (this is also known as Bucket Lifecycle).

You can see a list of supported and unsupported features here -


I am keeping some files away from our VPS for Magento store and used DO to store those files (few).

So I would have to use Swift?


You could use Swift to write the metadata, but as Justin pointe out, we don’t support expires (i.e. Bucket Lifecycle).

Are you trying to use DO as a CDN?


I got it.
Yes, that was the idea. But looks like it’s not working very well. At 1st it did speed up the website, but now looks like it uses too many connections from the VPS to get the files.
I was using Magento to load folder skin from it.


Ahh, okay :smiley:

You can’t really use it as a CDN yet (as I found out banging away doing similar to what you are). It may work in some situations, but I’m pretty sure we’re not supporting it. When we do, expires should show up :slight_smile:

For now, I think it’d be best to use it for storage of large images/files and off-hosting those (like hi-res images), rather than for every-day files like themes/skins.


Oh well. hehehe
I was going to change back to the regular domain hosted for skin…
It’s kinda slowing down the website now. Most long waiting process come from the DO.
I wish DH had a cloud server, to host whole website.
VPS is not enough anymore and a cloud server might be better solution now than dedicated.


The subtle difference between cloud server and cloud hosting :confused: I hear ya, though.

Does Magneto do caching?


Yeah, I use cache from Magento and also APC.
I don’t know if APC is causing more trouble or what. hehehe
But by my ticket on DH, it looks like googlebot has a lot of connection to the PS and I am about to use a nice robots.txt to stop the index of some unnecessary folders.

But still the load time of the website is too slow.


APC is cool, but it uses more memory and doesn’t work well with every flavor of PHP. You may have better luck with eAccelerator.

GoogleBot … needs a choke chain, IMO. It gets really excited.