Messg Board Software (phpBB)

Hi, what kind of messg board software do you support? I’m currently at, where they pre-configure phpBB for you, BUT it’s only the version from a year ago (3.0.10, I think, which sounds outdated and with security holes), rather than the current 3.0.14. I tried installing the current version manually but couldn’t get it to work, and tech support didn’t help.

I just want to know what messg board options i’d have at dreamhost, since this feature is CRITICAL for my new community-oriented site. Thanks.

I’d imagine all of the ones using PHP and MySQL would work albeit you might have to install them yourself. We’re using SMF on our sites and it’s working out just splendid.

There seems to be a one-click install for phpbb2 v2.0.14 in the DH control panel. I think that’s the most current version out there.

DreamHost offers a one-click install for the phpBB version 2.0.14 which is (reported to be) the most recent version. This one-click installation works really well and takes one minute to complete. Then wait five to ten minutes, and you’re ready. Couldn’t be better :slight_smile:

Try out DreamHost with a free WebIDPrices, options

There are a lot of free forum software. A lot of it very good for being free.

myBB (going to release ‘Gold’ (free) version soon
Yabb (dead at the minute. Correct link?)

Paid forums

This is just a few of the most popular ones. Do a search for forum software and you’ll get a few million results :slight_smile:

Yabb got replaced by Yabb SE. YaBB SE got replaced by SMF :slight_smile:

2.0.14 is, in fact, the latest version :slight_smile: