Messages moved to "old-messages" prematurely

The inbox archiver seems to be moving messages to the “old-messages” folder before my inbox is even close to the message limit. This has happened before, but I just got a message that it moved: “86 messages that pushed your inbox size over the 250 message maximum size”

I checked my inbox and there were only 40 messages remaining, which means there were only 126 messages at the time it decided to move them. Is there anything I can do about this, or is there something wrong with the inbox archiver that needs fixed?

What limit are you trying to set for your inbox? It seems to me that there is an un-advertized upper limit of about 1000 messages in your inbox. When I tried to set the value above this the panel accecpted it, but actually put the limit at 250.

If you can, you might lower your number of messages to be stored in the inbox - or contact support and ask them to clarify the limits.

–Matttail - personal website

The limit, as shown in the email from the Inbox Archiver, is 250. So, it looks like it’s actually being triggered when it exceeds 1/2 that value (126).

if you don’t know how to retrieve “old-messages” then go into squirrelmail, click folders at the top, in the unsubscribe.subscribe box at the bottom select ‘old.messages’ and subscribe. then refresh the menu on the left and you will now see an ‘old.messages’ inbox folder.

you should be able to select the messages that you want and move them to your regular inbox.

Look closely at the mail control panel, there are two criteria for archiving messages – # of messages, and message age. My guess is the recent archiving of messages you refer to were greater than that second criteria of 45 days old?

I only say this because I experienced the same issue when I first came here, I had only increased the # of messages before archiving. Then I went in and increased the age limit as well, and the problem was gone.

Just a thought…

No, the messages from Inbox Archiver show the counts of messages moved due to age and # of messages separately. These messages were moved because they supposedly exceded the 250 message limit, not an age limit.