Messages being marked as unread?

Is it possible that somehow, messages on the mail server are being marked as unread ? Once a month (or so), all of our messages re-download from the past week (approximately). I can’t figure out why, I don’t log in to webmail or mess around with anything…the servers just vomits old emails back at us. Not using IMAP, just simply using POP on 5 or 6 computers.

wow, this is interesting. Are you using outlook express or some similiar programs to receive emails? If so, you can set not to keep a copy of email in the server.

If you already did this, is it possible that the sender sends you the email again?

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Not possible that the sender is re-sending, I’m talking 100 messages all at once. I could set a computer to delete them from the server, but we have a common account that everyone checks and if I happen to check the mail first, nobody else will ever get them :slight_smile:

time to wake up daddy. maybe DH is able to explain the situation :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not seeing that kind of behavior. Definitely talk to the guys.


I have seen problems like this with Thunderbird on a semi-regular basis. It seems Thunderbird looses track of what messages have been downloaded and will pull in all the E-mails again giving me doubles, or sometimes if it’s feeling extra nice even triplicates. I find this especially true when using two machines to connect to the same address.

A good way to check on where the problem is to log into webmail and see if there’s doubles there. If there’s only one copy of each message on the server than it’s a problem with the E-mail application you’re using. If you see the multiple copies on the server then it’s likely the problem is with DH and they can help you out.

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I too run Thunderbird (although not 24x7)


I’ve only seen the one original copy on the server via webmail, but each computer re-downloads all of the same emails again (this occurs on 5-6 computers that all check the same address).

I’m simply using outlook 2000 on each computer. Never happens to other email accounts (our personal ones).

Thanks for the replies thusfar, I have contacted dreamhost support about this a while ago but the reply was basically “that’s impossible it couldn’t possibly be the server”.

Unless someone is logging in and marking a bunch of messages as unread (which would be odd seeing as how I’m the only one with the password and webmail address), I don’t see any other possible cause.