Message Filtration for entire domain

Dear Dev Team,

I am one of user of Dreamhost and there is lot of issue regarding spam mail. Sometime mail generated from same domain with "subject : waiting for the Payment ". As per suggestion given by your team, we can restrict such mail using message filter option. But I have 50+ mail ID, it creates huge task for me to add filter for each mailbox. So you team shared me the community link for raising the new development for Message filtration for entire domain. I am requesting you to do such development.
Sunil Bhosale

This is not the “Dev Team.”

This is a customer to customer discussion forum. To contact support, use your Web Panel to file a support ticket.

Here is the direct link:

This is historically the place to offer suggestions – the format of this current forum doesn’t make it quite so obvious due to all new posts appearing as a “waterfall” by default rather than being contained within visually separated categories like the oldskool forum software they used in years past.

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