Message Board Recommendations

I’m looking to install a message board for my site.
Which one would you most recommend for your servers (code warrior)


I would of recommended you Gossamer Forum:

It basically took over wher WWWThreads (this forum) left off, and it’s ultra-slick and powerful.

HOWEVER, if your forum is going to have an exessive number of hits, I wouldn’t recommend not running this under a mod_perl environment such as the Code Warrior plans offer. Or at the very least under PerlEx.



Web Developer

Could you clarify? I was looking at Gossamer forums but was thinking a PHP based solution may be better — I’m also going to be running LinksSQL and anticipate a lot of hits.

What do you think?


I have been researching PHP-nuke type of website templates… and found a “highly rated” PHP based bulletin board that is a free download at


i helped my friend setup phpbb yesterday, and the installation is very easy.

so far the forum looks pretty nice too, although it may take longer to get it looking nice.

and i sure hope you can remove those dumb graphical emoticons :>

Thanks people…!

If you’re already running LinkSQL from Gossamer Threads, if you hold out for the long awaited ‘Gossamer Community’ plugin, then you will be able to integrate your Links user database with your Gossamer Forum database which would be rather cool.

Again, though, I have to say - I really don’t know how GTForum scales well under a busy server with no mod_perl. You will probably find a PHP solution to be slightly faster.


Web Developer

Gossamer Forum is bloody expensive, though. If the forum is for a low-budget (or no budget) project like a personal site, PHPBB or Ikonboard or something would be better.

But not YaBB, we have been well trained on that. :slight_smile:

(Reminds me to check whether I finished converting the one YaBB board I do have over to PHPBB…)



I’ve chirped up with this enough times that I’m starting to feel like a plant, but although YaBB is a big no-no, YaBBSE is an SQL/PHP port that in addition to a lot more features seems to be less of a resource hog. I haven’t heard any complaints about it yet, anyway. Since it’s free, too, it might be worth checking ( as another alternative ('specially if you’re trying to convert from a flat-file YaBB).