Message Board Installation


I need some help from someone who knows about CGI.
My subscribers want a message board, so I upgraded to Sweet Dreams plan for the CGI stuff. I downloaded a free Message board script I guess you would call it. Now the question is… How the heck do I install it?
I have read in KB that I do not need a cgi-bin but the program read-me file says I do.
HELP! I know html but CGI is a whole new world to me LOL!

Debra Vaughn

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Which bb are you using? You don’t really have to know much about CGI to INSTALL a script. Usually, there would be some installation instructions included (in the readme file you mentioned?) You could accomplish most of the job with an FTP software (like WS_FTP) and a notepad (for minor editing, if any at all). Just follow them as closely as possible, except that DreamHost does not allow 777 CHMOD (you’ll have go for 755 instead).

By the way, you don’t NEED a cgi-bin sub-directory, but you CAN always use one with no harm. Good luck!


The instructions for most CGI scripts assume that your web host requries you to install scripts in a special cgi-bin folder, but DH lets you install them anywhere you want. If you like, you can create a folder called cgi-bin and install them there, but you could just as easily call the directory flying-purple-elephants and it would still work. :slight_smile: Just make sure that if the instructions for your script tell you to specify what the path to the script is somewhere in the settings, that you use the right directory name in the path.

I have some pointers on how to install CGI scripts in the Spider Spinnings area of my business site - (Spider Spinnings is a sort of kbase of my own, though it’s still somewhat under construction). That should help you get started.