Merging two Dreamhost accounts

I would like to merge a friend’s DreamHost account with mine since she can no longer afford the hosting subscription and I do not want her to lose the small site she has put up. Is that possible? Any advise is appreciated.

Thank you!

I’ll suggest you to contact DH support.

From what I know, you can’t transfer domains among accounts if they were signed up with a promo code.

There is a good guide to moving domains between DreamHost accounts on our wiki at

Thank you so much for your answers!

The link provided helped a lot, although it didn’t have my exact scenario. I went ahead and manually moved the site from her account to mine (SQL and FTP’d all the files) and the site is up and running under one of my subdomains for now until I figure out how to proceed with the domain name. Ideally, my friend would keep the DOMAIN name only under her DreamHost account and have it pointing to the website hosted on MY DreamHost account. Is that possible or am I forced to do a Domain transfer?

Thank you!

You don’t need to do a domain transfer, but the panel system knows that she was hosting the domain and it won’t let you host it if it falls under one of the Restrictions (red box in the wiki article).

You can skip the registration transfer part, but you’ll have to back everything up and download it, then she has to delete the hosting and then you add the hosting, just like it says in the wiki.

SUCCESS!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much all for your help!

This is a great company! I’ve been with DreamHost almost 4 years. :slight_smile: