Merging multiple domains

Is it possible to merge multiple domains so things like webdocs, email accounts etc can be shared between the same domains.

ie I am registering .net and .org. I am hoping to host all 3 at dreamhost but don’t want to set up seperate websites for each. I would like it so if anyone hits or .net or .org they see the same website and if they email addresses at one of the domains they go to the same single mailboxes.

I thought this could be possible creating aliases from one mail account to forward to another, and symlinking htdocs between the websites possibly but is there a simpler way this can be managed withing the panel?

Are you familiar with Apache? You can setup server aliases in the DreamHost Web Panel by using “Mirror Domain” instead of “Fully Hosted”, or you can also specify the document root with “Fully Hosted”. You can add Alias for url-paths using the “Remap Sub-dir” panel.

As for as email you’re stick with adding the aliases. You can bulk edit them though so you could always import a list instead of entering them one by one.

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