Merb and DH?


I’m curious if anyone has had success setting up merb on DH (without PS) using FCGI?

For my part, I’ve managed to install all the gems necessary but am having trouble getting the fcgi part working. I’ve basically followed the instructions for setting up Rails using FCGI and renamed the autogenerated ‘merb.fcgi’ to ‘dispatch.fcgi’. No dice.

The http error log complains about incomplete headers.

I am happy to post more details if it will be helpful.


have you tried using mod_rails and rack? I am getting ready to try, if I have any success I will post the results on my blog at

I’ve successfully installed Merb 1.0 on DreamHost with Passenger.

You can see my installation notes at

I’ve written an entry for the DreamHost support wiki that gives detailed instructions for installing Merb 1.0 at DreamHost:

That is outstanding, and thank you for doing that. :slight_smile:

–DreamHost Tech Support

It is too good for those users who are not well knowledge about DH (without PS) using F. You can get entire information which you want. Thank youCGI