Menu script has mystery garbage


i am using a menu script that i got from it’s known as jim’s menu. anyway, everything looked great until i had to go back and add a menu item. well, it works but now there is some garbage under and to the side of the last menu item. would anyone care to tell me what may have caused this? i have been messing around with it for 2 hours and i’m am borderline psychotic. the web address is

thanks to anyone.


The garbage you are seeing appears to be text which is laid behind the menu, the text is “Need help choosing a color?”.

I’m not a html guru but it may be fixed by wrapping a div round the table that contains “Need help choosing a color? Try Design Spectrum and choose a Porter Paints color for your next painting project.”

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Bless you. I would never have found that. When i looked at the code for that area a table tag was missing. thank you!!!

my site is up, but for some reason can’t ftp…and soon as it is accessable, i am in biz.