Menu loses ability to show children when custom menu is invoked

hi all.

I was getting frustrated in trying to find a theme with pull down menus that would show the child pages of pages.

I then realized what was happening.

Themes like Ground Floor, Bouquet, etc have a menu that shows the child and grandchild pages.

But once I choose custom menu so I can have the order of pages I want, the menus no longer drop down to show the child and grandchild pages.

I found old WP forum posts showing code to find in the functions.php file where I might change the level from 1 to 3, etc.

But all the code examples given on those forum posts are never found in the any .php in the themes I am trying to use.

Any thoughts on how to to use the custom menu and have it show child pages?


Not sure if you have figured this out yet, but when editing a custom-menu, it has that drag-and-drop interface. If you drag a menu-item just under another menu-item, it will then be slightly indented in the list.
This indentation indicates that menu is not a child of the menu-item above it.

You kindof have to play with it a minute to get it to do it properly, but once you do it makes sense.

However, you may already know this, in which case one approach might be to look at the source-code of each (with the custom menu and without) and compare the code of the two menus to see what is missing. Might be a class that needs to be added (which you can do from a custom-menu)

Oh you did get my hopes up. If you mean the default Dashboard/Appearance/Menus, it has NO drag and drop features whatsoever for me.

I click on any item in the Pages area and try to drag, the moment I leave the Pages area to move toward the Menu area a bunch of stuff on the page highlights, but nothing is actually being dragged.

I have tried it over and over, holding Ctrl or Shift, etc. Nothing works.

Clicking and dragging immediately tries to “highlight” things, not drag them.

Here is the custom Menu and the Pages area. My mouse (unseen) is on Interviews and Profiles in the Page area.

The moment I click and drag it starts to select things and the moment I move right, out of the Pages box, it does a jump select of everything from that point to the end of the column and the entire second column.

Try clicking and dragging just the graphics in the right-side panel slightly to the right after they’ve been added :wink:

Sorry, I meant to write:
This indentation indicates that menu-item is now a child of the menu-item above it.

Yes, sXi is correct. The menu editor on the right is where you drag and drop items once you have added them.
You already have some items in the menu you created, and that is where you can drag and drop and add classes and such.

I see! When I heard there was a drag and drop feature for the menus, I was trying to drag directly from the Page box to the Menu box.

I did not understand that I had to first ADD all the menus to the menu box via the check boxes. After that, I drag them from one spot to another, to make them submenus of other menus.

That worked great.