Menu Limit - Custom php.ini

I have about 81 menu items on my website, and need to add about 10 more. (They’re broken down into categories with dropdowns)

Now, every time I go to add a new menu item(s) and save, it won’t save the item(s) I add? I’ve tried uploading a custom php.ini file with the max_input_vars = 2000 addition, but that isn’t working.

Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction?

It’s a bug in WordPress, sadly :confused: You need to bump PHP memory as well, and even then it MAY not work.

Thanks for replying!

How do I go about doing that? I’m trying to finish this website for a client, and this is the last hurdle and I need to get it fixed ASAP!

I can’t promise it’ll work. This really is a legit WP bug :frowning: