Memory usage on VPS Mysql


I’m working on a website/application (not sure how to call it) for a client. Basically it inserts data from XML’s (uploaded automatically through FTP) into a database. I need this to be able to interpret this data and reference it with each other (which is hard to do with a dozens of XML files). I’ve set up a cronjob to run an PHP script to insert the data in the database. And I build a simple webpage for my client to use, so he can read out the data.

I enabled a VPS Mysql server, because it’s a lot of data and don’t want to put a big load on the shared hosting. Of course there are other databases running on it too now. But those are not heavy loads, just from personal website.
It’s running for a while now, and I was looking a the graphs in the DH panel. I see the load time stays pretty much the same, somewhere just above 1.0 load. But the red line keeps climbing. I’m not sure how I should interpret this, or what is happening. I’m not very experienced in this. Can someone explain this a bit more to me?

Thanks for your help.

Growth in memory usage on a PS MySQL is normal, and good. It means MySQL is using the memory you’ve given it to keep part of your database in memory, speeding things up.

Cool, I didn’t know that. Because I saw it climbing very slowly over days, and was afraid it was just eating memory. So it will decrease again if would choose to limit the memory again?