Memory limits

I’m getting jobs cancelled because of memory limits. Unfortunately I need to run some jobs to fix my site.

Actually the site hasn’t been working since they upgraded Perl last year but I have finally found the time to fix it. The site uses quite a few Perl modules that I have downloaded myself from CPAN and installed. I didn’t have any problems at the time.

Now the site is broken and it seems the problem is that the new Perl needs upgraded modules. At least, I need to check that first. But when I try to update the modules, my job gets killed blaming excessive memory use. When I run the same job on my PC my total system load is around 800M so the usage must be less than that.

Is there any way of fixing this, or do I need to look for a new hosting company?

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Use cpanminus (cpanm) rather than the cpan tool — it’s much lighter on memory, especially if you skip the unit tests. A kind customer has recently written up these instructions on setting it up, which should get you started down the right track:

ok, i’ve managed to fix the site by following the directions thanks. Though I’m not sure cpanm upgraded all my modules the first time; I’m not sure what was going on exactly but it was installing old versions.