Memory limit extension


I have Crazy Domain Insane.

I would like to install IPB 3.1.1

They say : “Your memory limit: 90M.
Please contact your host and request the memory limit be raised to 128M.”

Where can I request this?

Thanks in advance

That’s a php.ini setting. Start with sXi’s script and then edit php.ini to change memory_limit.

Note that if IPB turns into a memory hog, Support may email you and ask you to lower it again.

Thanks sdayman.

I tried with no success.

Is this working with Crazy domain insane? If yes where should we upload the file?


Just upload that folder to your website’s main directory, so it’d go in
Then point your browser to
Now you have a cgi-bin directory in your domain. In it is the php.ini file. Edit that file and find memory_limit and change it from 90M to 128M. I just tried this and it worked.

Hi sdayman

Many thanks for helping! And many thanks for the script.

It took time but now the php.ini is updated :slight_smile: Maybe Dreamhost helped…

Kind regards

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