Memory issues?

Yesterday morning one of my sites went down and depending on who I get at DH support they either can do something to help me, or can’t.

According to DH the first error message in the log was this:

Mon Jun 08 11:34:42 2015] [error] mod_fcgid:
too many /dh/cgi-system/php53.cgi processes (current:8, max:8), skip the
spawn request

And was due to the plugins etc accessing my memory and that I needed to turn them all off etc. I think I had maybe 4 plugins actually turn on…so I went and turned them all off and deletedall the ones I wasn’t using and all the themes I wasn’t using etc.

Still the site wasn’t coming back up.

Next person at support offered to go into my wp login and see if they could get the error message to repeat and we talked about perhaps moving my sites from the west coast to the east coast servers (closer to me) to help with the speed of the sites.

I replied to that email saying yes and received a new email from a new support person telling me this wouldn’t help and that the error message on the logs was actually:

Tue Jun 9 03:05:02 2015 procwatch3 INFO: PID 2330 (php54.cgi)
mardi:pg185080 : killed for uid ram

And that I needed to go through EVERY site and delete, turn off plugins etc.

Does anyone have any further insight into this issue and what I can do to get my site back up?

I’ve been with DH for years now and have never had this issue, I’m not sure why I’ve just started having it and am nervous to bring anymore clients their way. I would be embarrassed if this was happening to any of my clients.

(And all this was just after I was promoting their services to a big company in Australia that wanted to move all their sites to a US based server…glad I haven’t started that).

Thanks for any suggestions


Sounds like you’re on shared hosting. Shared hosting is a low cost service that’s good for many things, but at the end of the day it’s still a low cost service that has limits built in to make certain that each user on the shared service can’t use more than their share.

Apparently up until now you’ve been lucky, because it sounds like you’ve never had to optimize your sites. There’s a bit of a learning curve there and that the point your at right now, in that learning curve.

Sometimes you can say “what did I change recently?” And get away with just backtracking and removing say a recent plugin that turns out to be a memory hog. Or that didn’t play well with another plugin and the two together caused the problem, but each individually would be fine.

On the other hand sometimes the changes are less obvious. Maybe another popular site suddenly linked your site creating 10 or 100 times your normal traffic. (Or a media mention, one of my sites once had a traffic spike that didn’t last long caused by the URL appearing in a browser window on one TV stations late night news, the story had nothing to do with my site).

Another thing to keep in mind, if you hit a limit the things you do to try and fix it may not appear to work initially. If you ran out of widgets in today’s allocation, nothing you do to reduce widget consumption will appear to help until tomorrow when we get a new supply of widgets to use.

I’m not so sure about themes, but installed plugins can still create issues even if they are not activated. A WordPress best practice is to always delete (not just deactivate) unused themes and plugins.

Yeah, just don’t move them to shared hosting. Shared hosting is not for “big companies”. You’ll need a VPS at the very minimum; possibly dedicated hosting depending on their usage and memory needs.

I’m having exactly the same issue :frowning: “[error] mod_fcgid: too many /dh/cgi-system/php55.cgi processes (current:8, max:8), skip the spawn request”, I tried disabling plugins, cache, and all the steps involved in optimizing the site… but no luck yet :frowning:


Are you on shared hosting? Or a VPS?

Shared… in an excellent fb group called Advanced WordPress, some mates told me that they experienced similar problems in their shared hostings, so in my case maybe it was the server being busy updating all the wp setups.

I have no idea how WordPress rolls out updates (Ipstenu—any insight?), but that is a distinct possibility. I suppose if you encounter the issue with the next WordPress update, that is probably the issue.