Memory increase, but no stats spike?


How can this be? I’m used to seeing spikes now and then (yay!) but I did not see a spike… then the WP blog parts went down… my support inquiry got a notice I was running out of memory.

Checked the usual suspects; couldn’t even get into the blog admin, but I used FTP to remove ALL plugins… know it worked because I started getting notices of spam comments that Askimet would normally catch. So NO plugins; problem still going on.

I have hack attack service protection; they did not find anything.

So the only thing that worked was signing up for VPS; which is fine, since the blog is growing and I’m getting over 6k visitors a day. But how can this happen when my stats don’t show more visitors, OR that they have changed their behaviors?

I also installed supercache; my bad, since I removed it on maintenance a while back and did not reactivate. Will it take a while to see results, now?


Just a quick question, are you using PHP 5.3 FastCGI? In my tests, I saw that FastCGI, in order to increase performance, consumes too much memory — in fact, enough memory to start showing out-of-memory errors in the logs and getting DH’s watchdog server to kill the process(es). My solution was to fall back to the “normal” PHP 5.3 (non-FastCGI), which uses far less memory than 5.2, and use things like W3 Total Cache (WP SuperCache should be fine as well) to increase performance.

I had the very same problem as you, some six months ago. Since then, I’ve been turning off PHP 5.3 FastCGI on all my many WP sites, and replacing them with PHP 5.3 with a good cache. The memory problems are gone. I just use PHP 5.3 FastCGI on non-WP websites (of which I have very, very few…)


Thanks so much, Gwyneth! I’m making progress.