Memlog - Memory and Process Logger

It can sometimes be hard to figure out which processes caused a server to run out of memory and crash. Wouldn’t it be cool to have list of processes that ran just prior to such a problem? That’s exactly what Memlog attempts to do.

The basis of this script is something that I had written back in 2011 to solve an issue I was running into with my Dreamhost VPS. It helped me find and identify the cause. Seeing how others run into similar problems I decided to improve the program and try to make it more user friendly.

What the script basically does is log all the processes that are running when total memory usage exceeds certain user chosen thresholds. Those thresholds can be either a percentage of available memory or an absolute number of MB. It checks memory usage every 5 seconds, which means that the output logs can easily become enormous.

Get it here:

Note that this is the first public release, so I’d love to get some feedback.