Does DH care if people use/run it? Do people have experience running it on DH?

I don’t know what memcached is, but you can do almost anything you like as long as you stick to two simple rules:

  1. it must be legal
  2. it must not use too many CPU resources (since you’re sharing with others)
    You can always send a message to sales@ if you aren’t a customer yet, or submit a support ticket if you’re already a customer.

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memcache is a distributed memory caching system.

I don’t see there being any real problems with running it for a small scale site. But if you have a need for memcache in the first place, then maybe you need to be looking into a dedicated hosting service.

memcache is by design intended to be distributed. meaning spread out over more than one source(in this case a server). There is really no point in using it for a single shared hosting account.

The thing with memcached is that it is a server running in the background among preferabally multiple servers. Hence the distributed part. There is a suggestion already for a memcached server.


Can you tell me how to install memcache on Dreamhost VPS ?

Any step by step tutorial please?

Thanks a lot.

Memcache is a good solution to performance issues but it requires a lot of memory resources. I don’t think it is gonna work to have memcache on DH because we are on shared servers. Even you are in VPS, your memory resource is still limited. If you can afford to pay 2GB memory resources, you are already ready to move to dedicated server.