Memcached on vps

i need to use memcached on an application in order to further alleviate load, and improve website performance. i’m not seeing a comprehensive guide on how to accomplish this properly via VPS, so i thought i would ask here.

is anyone here?

I looked into memcached for my VPS, but it looks like it needs a persistent process to work, which I don’t think can be set up by a VPS user.

I believe Scott is correct: memcached is not installed on the VPS. You need an unmanaged server where you can become root and install and configure services as you need to. DreamHost Cloud servers are more for this use case, as DreamHost VPS are managed servers.

i see. if i decide to migrate from my VPS to dreamhost cloud computing, would dreamhost migrate my previous data for me?

If you’re talking about DreamCompute, it’s self-managed, so they won’t move data for you. It’s totally DIY when it comes to setting it up. (DreamCompute is a blank virtual server instance)

On Dreamhost VPS you can have persistent processes, but as you can’t sudo, you can’t set it as a deamon. You can anyway run it with nohup… & and have cronjobs to check if it’s running and start it on server reboot. This requires less experience than what is required to safely run an unmanaged production server!

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