Membership database management

Hello everyone, we are a non-profit org. and not very knowledgeable about web hosting, my question is, how can we import an access data base and enable a few people to manage different parts of the database (renewals, addresses, creating labels etc). What is the best way to do this in Dreamhost, and what are the tools you recommend for its User Interface and database management

I surely don’t know, but am standing in line behind you in hopes of an easy answer. Mailing labels in particular.

I have to preface this recommendation by saying that 1) I haven’t used this software, and 2)I don’t know for sure that it does all the things you need.

That being said, the buzz about Advokit among some in the grassroots activism community is that it has a lot of potential. I’ve actually been meaning to play with it, but it’s down on my list a ways. It’s created to manage voter and volunteer lists for campaigns, but I don’t see why you couldn’t use it for an organization.

You can create different users with different rights and access. Check it out.

The thing is that something as ambitious as putting your importing your entire membership database or installing a script like this will probably require you to either increase your knowledge on web stuff or find one of your members or a volunteer that can help with the heavy lifting while you work out the bugs.

Good luck!

We are in the same boat and want our NFP board to have access to a web-database. Currently, we are using ACT! on one PC. We want to move it to the web so that many may use it. Ideas please.