Members Only Area

Anyone know of any good tutorials/free scripts to implement a “Members Only” area? Thanks!

thats kind of a subjective question. it depends on how detailed you want the members only section to be.

-a gateway to get to a section or page
-a membership type setup where users register and you track them and such

if you are looking for the former, complex and full of features, heres a good tutorial

if you want the latter (more basic/ a per page type thing) you can look to this tutorial

a great site in general for tutorials is

and of course I am just assuming you want to make it with php, there are other options out there. I think theres a way in the dreamhost panel to do a simpler, but just as good, job of it.

thanks for the reply! actually, i have phpbb on my website right now, and i’ve been trying to research using phpBB’s authentication and database as my site’s authentication too. so far i havent come up with much – mostly i’ve found information the other way around (using a site authentication as phpbb’s authentication)…

here ya go!