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At the top, it says this:

Welcome, Ryan! (Member since November 2006)

When it should say:

Welcome, Ryan! (Member since January 2007)

I wanted to ask this to check and see if it would have any effect on my billing, I don’t wan’t to be billed Nov 2008, but on Jan 08 2009

Check in the Panel > Billing > Mangae Account (or at this link] to see what there for when you acount was created. As long as that information is ocrrect then you’re fine. If not, you should contact support and ask them to sort things out.

Did you perhaps create your webid a few months before actually signing up for a plan?

–Matttail - personal website

Did you know that we can tell DH not to rebill automatically.

Check DH panel --> Billing --> Manage Accounts

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