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It is Draco. Some message about ‘the draco server is continuing to do well after the fixes were applied yesterday’. Really? This is doing well?

How can this happen? this is like the 5th time this has happened to me this year, and now it falls on a day that was so important to me. Everyone was linking my website around. Now everyone has broken links.

And I have to pay for this. Dreamhost never compensates. I have to pay for not only outages, but I have to pay for lost clients, lost advertising, lost press, damaging myself to the press by having them like my product write about it but then get burned by making a link to a broken site.

Dreamhost just MAKES me pay for this. And I have been paying for this. thousands and thousands of dollars over the 12 years I have been a member. I need to migrate. I need something more stable.

someone help me.

so lost.


Wait a second… the most you pay is 9.95 a month for a shared server which draco is…

If my math is correct the most you paid over 12 years of service is 1432.00 (=9.951212) and if your like me and prepay for a multi-year deal you most likely pay far less that 9.95/month.

But the question remains, if you value “lost clients, lost advertising, lost press, damaging myself to the press” so greatly what are you doing on shared hosting at less than $10.00/month?? If you were paying for a dedicated server, here or elsewhere, THEN and only then would you have a legitimate beef.

Also the problems with draco are NOT NEW, this thread was started on 7/2 and indicates the problem had existed for 24 hours at that point. It’s a known fact that this goes on for about 7-10 days when it occurs for a server. Yes I agree Dreamhost needs a better answer, but where have you been the last 5 days that you didn’t know this was happening and would be a problem?

Finally, If i had a big media announcement scheduled to hit the news I would open a ticket in advance just to say, “Hey Support, I’m expecting added traffic in XX days due to a media event, is there anything I need to be aware of? Is there anything I need to do to prepare? Are my sites going to weather the added traffic? Since I’m on shared hosting is the current server going to be able to handle a traffic spike created by a media event?”

Sorry but you are being a bit dramatical here… the fact is your banking your livelihood (apparently) on a shared product that you pay very little per month for, and not fairly comparing apples to apples in accessing blame for failure.


LakeRat I started with the MegaDreamPlan whatever that was like 160 bucks a month for years when I was making Gameboy Advance games and featured on IGN.

Things are not like that anymore, I had no idea I that the bargain plan means unreliability.

I am not sure where you are going with calling me a failure on my launch day and dancing around on my grief, but the internet is the internet.


It might motivate Dreamhost to improve on their 5-day recovery-from-a-broken-server time if customers on broken servers could re-direct their DNS to point to a holding-page that says “Dreamhost is restoring my files, ETA is up to 5 days, please try again later”.

Plus, the people trying to visit your website would be, if not happy, at least informed.

So how can we arrange this? Without having actually tried it, I would guess that it needs 2 things:

(a) a very-very-cheap (or, better, free) hosting service to hold the holding-page

(b) the DNS should be routed through something like Cloudflare, so that it can be changed more-or-less instantly to the holding page without having to wait for the 2-day propagation of an actual DNS change.



quote=“tomtavoy, post:4, topic:57970” a very-very-cheap (or, better, free) hosting service to hold the holding-page

Which would, in a spur of incredible irony and coincidence, also happen to suffer ill fate of some kind at exactly the same time! xD

I kid… but yeah, @OP - LakeRat is correct, if your banking on what MUST be super reliable service, then;
A) Don’t do shared hosting… that’s asking for trouble.
B) Take it to another host if you must, just keep in mind that no service is infallible, you’re bound to run into trouble elsewhere as-well.


He is correct on one point, a fool on the others.
So apparently I switched to VPS. Because it is free for a week? Why wasn’t that solution brought up to me before any of this began? “Hey you are going to need to do this… Because we can’t automate it for you… but click these things and you will be in the que to go VPS.”

And now that I am VPS, now what? my db is hosed. I guess thats no big deal because I didn’t get many people signing up for beta… should I create a new one?


You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.


Your database should be fine. draco is a web server; your database was stored elsewhere.


@LakeRat: face it LakeRat Your math assertion on what I have paid Dreamhost was not only bad speculation it was typical internet snark and a horrible way to start in with me. You were not leading me to anything. It was DH who eventually told me to do VPS. Your little jabs are not helpful. Go away.

Andrew, That is great news. Actually all day I had been getting ‘Fatal Error’ or what not, but now it appears to be working. What about this VPS (Virtual Private Server?) business that they moved me to? It no longer says draco.

wait my fix just came in.

[quote]The error message reported for your URL was an easy
fix. The error message was telling you that a folder named “cache” was
missing on your website. I created an empty folder named “cache” in your directory and now the URL loads without any error

My faith might be dwindling back


@eric kinkead
I am very glad you are still with DH, I am with DH for 6+ years.

You are always a great help for many n00bs/newbies/I forget to google … I hope these people read that.

But, I have been with DH for 6 years and goimg STRONG.
Yes, when I signed up I piad 2 times the amount I pay now.
DH had, 3 shared server programs. I choose number 2.
PAID for that 3 maybe 4 years.
Now only have 1 (ONE) option for shared server.

This option (UNLIMITED) is great, that is why I am still with DH and I hope will be for MANY MANY years.

But after DH deleted the 3 options and only had 1 (ONE) option for shared server.
I paid for 1-ONE year the double amount, before I knwe DH changed their shared server accounts.

So, I in the panel/account changed it my self, which was an upgrade for HALF the money.

So @lakerat, your calculation (=9.951212) is so wrong

@lakerat, THANK YOU fr always helping the n00bs

I apolagize, in advance because I just got home and my alcohol limit is ^^^^^^^^^^
Don’t worry, I did not drive


I, in fact, realized after the fact I didn’t know how plans worked prior to whenever I signed up… that was the only line I got wrong tho, the fact of the matter remains that in today’s times if you are running a site with much traffic and/or you depend on the revenue produced from it, you probably should be considering other options. “Unlimited” shared hosting is great for many things, but it also does have limits (CPU, although not published, perhaps because there are many variables including current server load). The other options at dreamhost are no secret either. Part of the equation that any good developer should consider for their project is how much resources it will consume, and if enough will be available.

Notwithstanding, dreamhost does have a problem as well. The RAID card issue seems to be not IF, but WHEN, the issue will show up on your server. I don’t know if they need to go thru and proactively replace the rest of the RAID cards or if they need to develop a better recovery process. IF tho, they have failing RAID cards (at the rate they have failed in the first half of this year) that trash the drives when they go south, that seems to be a very critical issue to me. The whole point of RAID arrays is not having data loss for a drive failure, but apparently a failing RAID card trashes the drives. If its a reputable card manufacturer I would think they would bend over backwards to solve this problem hand in hand with dreamhost. If the recovery process was less than 7-10 days perhaps it wouldn’t be the problem that it is, but the duration is typically 7-10 days and it leads to a lot of bad social media for dreamhost.

@ron thanks for the compliment =]


Nonetheless even on shared hosting, there is a reasonable expectation of 99.5% up time. Perhaps more. Users on shared hosting cannot and rarely do expect to receive blistering speeds, etc. It would be interesting for Drezmhost to publish ‘contention’ ratios per server