Member can't be 100% deleted from phpbb forum


Hey everyone,

I ran into a problem with my members on my phpbb forum. I have 2 members who are visible on the forum after deletion. I get this message when i click on their post: “The requested topic does not exist.” When I go to manage users and put their name it to look it up it says: “The requested user does not exist.”

They were spammers and have a boat load of posts. I believe when I was trying to learn to delete spammers I may have deactivated the account. I understand how to delete spammers in one full swoop, but how do I delete a post that can’t be read by a username that doesn’t exist, but shows on my forum?

Here is a link to one. His name is “halobeach.” Just scroll down.




Within the admin control panel, resynchronise that forum.