My site is down and has been down for most of the last 12 hours. There are over 300 open support tickets, and growing.

This doesn’t seem like your average server malfunction; anyone know WTF is going on!?


You need to be more specific. Are you saying that your site/email/FTP and everything else is unavailable? Give us a URL so that we can check, in case it is a local problem.

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Everything associated with my domain ( has been completely down all morning with trouble beginning yesterday evening.

I think I can forgive at least occasional downtime, but being in the dark like this for hours at a time isn’t much fun.

edit: Ahhh, for the first time it looks like it is at least recognized as a system-wide problem on the control panel. Heck, that is at least a start!


My site is down too. seems to no longer respond to http or ssh.

In addition, seems to be either down or very slow.


It appears to have just come back up:

[rexford]$ uptime
08:48:48 up 7 min, 2 users, load average: 6.92, 4.13, 1.77


Well, mine is back up now. That was a good chunk of downtime, we’ll see if it makes it through the morning. Once it was recognized on the control panel it was back up shortly, but I was in the dark about things for a long time.

Since I am a new forum member, I want to be clear to any other new members that my time at DH so far has been mostly positive to this point.


My site, which is on, seems to be going down at least twice a day for between 15 and 45 minutes, this started about 2 weeks ago. I have hesitated to contact support over this since dreamhost really do provide an excellent service at an excellent price and I assumed some work may have been taking place on the server.

However, my site has been down for an hour already today, and still is, and it is starting to look bad for my visitors. Is there a problem with this server, why does it keep crashing?



This might be nameserver related. I get no response for my site, but the server it’s on is still up, and an alternate address I use to develop that site is still up.

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My server has been down for over an hour too. Had another recent outage that lasted 45 minutes.

Been with dreamhost for half a year now or so, been a good experience overall. Hope they resolve the issues really soon, for some reason it seems to be when I need access to the servers most that it’s down, dunno how many times my sites have been down otherwise :confused:

The server I’m on is sepulveda.


Actually mine just came up again too. Downtime of about 2 hours. :frowning:


Sepulveda is down again. :frowning:

…its back up.