Meeting new people

I am a new member to all of this, but I was just wondering if there was a chat or something that I could get into or if anyone would drop me a line and tell me what all this stuff is about. It is really interesting, and I would love to get to know more about it. One more thing, How come when I try to put things on my profile, it does not work?

Hi, Kait!

This message board system is the right place to ask your questions. Check out the various forums here; this one is for folks who are thinking about moving to Dream Host… there are others where you can ask questions about setting up and using your Dream Host account.

So… Are you new to Dream Host, or new to Web stuff in general?

And… which profile are you referring to? Your for the Discussion Forum? If so… Maybe it has something to do with cookies. Are they turned on in your browser?

Hope we can help…

…Bob W.
(a Dream Host user)

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