I downloaded mediawiki and looked at the instructions but I still don’t understand the instructions on how to add a new page. I really don’t understand the syntax at all, do I need to be familiar with that?

Sadly, yes, you need to be familiar with MediaWiki’s syntax in order to use it.

To make a new page the easiest way is to edit a page where you want to link TO the new page. Add in a link like this [[New Page Name]]

Then save the page. You’ll have a red link to the new page, which when clicked on, will take you right to the page to edit.

The other option is to search the page title you want and then when the wiki can’t find it you’ll see an option to create it on the search results page.

Or, as a third option, just change the URL in the browser to the page you want, e.g. to create a page called “Example”.