MediaWiki - very slow response

I just installed MediaWiki for a new project website ( and it is running on the same shared servers as my other sites on Dreamhost ( for one…).

Most of the time, page load times at are extermely high. I’m working with a very small database at this point and I can’t seem to pinpoint why this site is running so slowly. Does anyone have experience with setting up MediaWiki on Dreamhost?

I can’t help because, as yet, I’m not seeing the same problem with my own MediaWiki install. However, it’s not yet public, so the database is extremely small. I’ll update here when I have a few weeks’ experience with the script.

I’m also having performance problems with 1-click installations of MediaWiki. Anyway mediawiki is huge and slow so i think it’s no recommended for a shared host.

I’m trying to switch to phpWiki