Mediawiki uploads

So I’m looking into enabling uploading for mediawiki, which isn’t on by default, but I’m concerned with making it as secure as the site says. Has anybody done this successfully with a shared hosting account that’s willing to give some advice?

In httpd.conf, add these lines:

Alias /upload /…/upload
<Directory “/…/upload”>
Options None
php_flag engine off

Replace “…” with your path name.

My wiki url is, so I’m not entirely sure how to edit the path there. Furthermore, obviously, I don’t have access to httpd.conf, so could I put that in a .htaccess file? And if so, which directory would it go in, the main /wiki one or in /wiki/upload?

Thanks much!

I recently asked about this subject here.

DreamHost said they set the correct permissions for security.

I didn’t have to do anything special to enable uploads except uncomment the $wgDisableUploads line in LocalSettings.php.

Alec Usticke

Thanks so much! That certainly makes things easy. And now I feel silly… I completely missed that thread when I searched the forums.