Mediawiki upload troubles

I’m using Mediawiki 1.9.3 (from the one click install) in its own subdomail.

I’m running into the 10MB PHP upload limit (I need to upload a 10.4MB Powerpoint) and just wanted to check on the workaround for this.

Does this workaround work for Mediawiki 1.9.3?

I tried the .htaccess method found here and that didn’t work. limit&Match=Entire Phrase&Searchpage=0&Limit=100&Old=1year&Main=54232

Any advice?


Yes, that method will cause your domain to use your cutsomized php.ini file for everything running PHP on your domain, including the MediaWiki install.

The other suggested .htaccess only method you referenced in your post does not work on DH (though it does work on some other hosts).

One other thing that you might consider, is that if you only need this larger file upload capability to support getting a single (or even just an occasional) file into your space to link from MediaWiki, you might find it easier to just upload those files manually, and then link to them from within your MediaWiki page.


When you upload a file with MediaWiki, it creates database and article entries for that file; if you upload a file through FTP, you will lose the ability to link to that file through MediaWiki’s wikilinking system (you will also lose the ability to have metadata for that file).
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

That’s a really good point,which I completely forgot about in my response. Thanks for catching that! :wink: