Mediawiki update?

Hello, could somebody please tell me how I upgrade to the latest version of mediawiki?

I installed mediawiki using the one-click install and don’t really know php but have been trying to figure it out.

I know I have to unpack the mediawiki tar file using a “gunzip” command and then install by doing "make install"
but how do I tell it to unpack to the correct directory on the server?

I am running mac os 10.3.7. I know os x has its own version of php on it and that I just have to turn it on, which I think I did. But is it better if I just install the latest version of php from ?

I also found this site which seem to be helpful:

Any help greatly appreciated!

If you’re using the one-click install, you don’t have to go through the unpacking/make commands. The one-click should’ve sent you an email with further directions.

Perhaps I wasn’t being clear. I already installed mediawiki thru the one-click install process and it’s fine. (yes I did receive the email with further directions and it’s up and running for about a year now.)
I’d like to update to the most recent mediawiki which I believe is v. 1.5.0.
In order to update, I do need to do some php stuff, no? like “unpack” and “make” and etc.
Hope that’s clearer.

I would like to do the same thing - upgrade my current one-click installation of mediawiki 1.3.x to the latest 1.5.2. Did you ever figure out how to do this?

As far as I can tell, it goes something like this:

  1. download the archive of the files for the new version
  2. expand the new files either into your existing installation, or into a clean directory (where you would need to copy your existing configuration into)
  3. perform any database and config file upgrades

I got as far as step 3, trying to run ‘php update.php’ to upgrade my database schema, but it looks like it’s trying to log in as my shell username, not the database username. I couldn’t figure out how to change that as it’s not explained in the README or UPGRADE documentation and I don’t have time to sort through all that php code.

Any clues?

well I finally found some time to figure this one out. it was pretty easy. I was actually running mediawiki 1.4.4 (not 3.x as I had thought). Here’s how I did it:

  1. back up your MySQL database and all the files in the mediawiki directory
  2. empty the mediawiki directory
  3. download the latest version of mediawiki (1.5.5 in this case) and unzip/expand all the files into your mediawiki directory
  4. run the setup wizard through the web interface - give it all the same information as you did the first time you set it up – ESPECIALLY the database info - must be exactly the same. the installation wizard will configure everything and upgrade your database.
  5. for any custom changes you made to your old installation (i.e. LocalSettings.php), apply them to the new installation.

and that’s it!

Now you can allegedly do it through the one-click upgrade interface, but beware, I just upgraded my install and it hosed the entire site.