Mediawiki simple install -- where's the directory?


I just installed mediawiki using the simplified single-click install. I created a new sub-domain at the same time. The install went seamlessly. Great!

But… where did it install? It’s not in my home directory. I need to modify some of the settings in the configuration files, but I can’t find them.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


As it states on the Easy Install screen: “In easy mode, we handle all the software management/upgrades, and no files are installed to your account!”

Which settings? Some can be changed, but not many. The Advanced install is much more flexible.


Well, for example, the logo in the upper left of the page.


for example. That requires changing LocalSettings.php. Perhaps I’m better off just using the advanced install…

The logo can be modified from the DreamHost panel One-Click section under Modify/Remove Easy One-Click. There’s a Change Settings option for your installation.


Right you are… Thanks!