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I want to customize the navigation bar, and the user guide tells me the following
"The contents of the navigation bar which appears to the left of each page using the Monobook skin are determined by the MediaWiki:Sidebar page. For information on customising these, please see Manual:Navigation bar."

I am having trouble understanding what do they mean by “MediaWiki:Sidebar page.” How do I get to this page on my wiki? When I click the link in this statement, it takes me to the’s MediaWiki’s Sidebar page. I am having trouble finding the page on my site where I could edit the navigation bar.

Please advise.


That is just telling you that the “Sidebar” page is under the “MediaWiki” namespace on your installation.

You navigate to that page the same way you do to any other MediaWiki page:


In this case, the pagename also includes a “namespace”, so the urls would be:

http://yourdomain.tld/NameSpace:pagename or

To illustrate this further, check out your “search” page, and note that numerous name spaces available - You will see that MediaWiki is one of them.

You can also “find” that page on your wiki by searching for “Sidebar” with only the “MediaWiki” namespace selected to be searched. :wink:



Thanks very much rlparker. I found the page. I have this type of URL


So, with some trial and error I found that this worked:


Seems pretty obvious, so I’m feeling dense today. :slight_smile:


[quote]Thanks very much rlparker. I found the page. I have this type of URL

You are welcome, and I am glad you found it! I apologize for my incomplete answer - I forgot that you might not be using “pretty urls”, and I should have though to give you directions for both types of urls.

At any rate, all’s well that ends well I suppose! :wink:



“At any rate, all’s well that ends well I suppose!” Definitely. That was ok! It was then I realized I’d like a prettier URL. So, off I go to learn how to get it. Thanks, again.