MediaWiki problem


I am attempting to go to my media wiki at

However there appears to be a problem can you help?

Is there even a It’s also not responding.

When did you create And when did you create


Must be a delay all working fine.

I want to change the title of this from My wikimedia to another name. When I change the title and click change settings the title reverts back to My wikimedia.

Can you help.

Is this under DreamHost Apps, a One-Click Easy Install, or a One-Click Advanced Install?

I’ve heard of this issue on the Apps and Easy installs, but I thought the user successfully worked out the problem.


Hi Scott

Do you know what the solution would be?

I just tried it with mine and the title change stuck. I can only suggest that you try a different browser. Otherwise, search through the DreamHost Apps forum for “wiki” and the like.